Players newsletter May 2014.

Many thanks for those of you who attended our recent AGM.

I am very pleased and honoured to be taking over as Chairman, and I am extremely grateful to Dick for the wonderful job he has done over the last three years as Chairman, and since the start of time for Players!

At the AGM we had a lively and very useful discussion about the future of Players, and there were some strongly expressed views that we need to continue with pantomime at the core of the society. The committee has taken this discussion away, and thanks to some creative thinking from Bar we have adopted a way forward which we think will allow us to keep the spirit of panto alive without over-stretching our currently thin resources. More below.

We still face the challenge of thin resources though. We are short of people in many key areas, and as Dick reminded us, we are all – without exception – getting older! We all need to put our brains to work on this problem, and make sure our society survives. I will always be happy to talk to anyone with ideas for how we can solve this.

Now I hand you back to Bar, for the rest of the newsletter                                                                 John

The new committee are: President – Beryl Chapple, Chairman – John Clegg, Vice-Chair – Dick Hocking, Treasurer – Dika Jewell, Secretary – Bar Hart. Paul Clark, Neil Harvey, Kippy Jewell, Jason Lessiter, Dan O’Brien, Ed Pascoe, Shelley Clegg and Carole Mitchell with James Mills as our youth rep.

Bookings are now being taken for our Spring Cabaret ‘It’s Today!’ Dates are Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th May at 8.00pm. Although you can just turn up on the night, if you want a pasty you must pre-book. If you do Facebook please find the poster on our public page and share it to all your friends

This is the first show Tanya has directed for us so please spread the word and give her the support she deserves. The cast are having a great time at rehearsals and are sounding ‘ansome.

Directly after the Cabaret we start rehearsals for the Summer Plays. First read through will be on 3rd June. I need 3 men and 3 women for each play and as many as want to for the wartime song selection. Production dates will be 31st July – 2nd August. This coincides with the 100th anniversary of the first world war.

Our youth production would normally follow on from the plays but following lengthy discussion at our committee meeting and taking into consideration comments at the AGM we have come up with a change. We have decided to move the show to the panto slot.

We will combine our youngsters with the adults but the children will get first dibs on the parts. This should solve a lot of the problems laid out at the AGM. Briefly, there will be one set throughout, one costume per member, backing tracks can be used. The script called Down the Rabbit Hole is an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland so is not that far off being a panto. We will also be saving money by having just one set of scripts and one lot of royalties. Add the fact that we get bigger audiences in February than in October and we hope we are on to a winner.

Other bonus points are there will be a bit longer free time after the plays and the rehearsal period, although longer, won’t be 3 nights per week. You will get a longer Christmas break, you could even go away for the Autumn half-term!
We will be organising some housekeeping jobs (for those who are worried they might get withdrawal symptoms) and we can have some fun nights maybe a Barn Dance or similar.

That’s all for now, see you at the Cabaret.

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